Friday, November 11, 2005

Tchin tchin

I have a plane to catch in less than 3 hours. I am flying to Bordeaux, France, for the surprise birthday party of my friend Mathilde and meeting Nat at the airport. Everything has been organised by Mathilde's sister and the birthday girl has absolutely NO IDEA of what's expecting her tonight. 50 of her friends will be in the room when she arrives.

I have not seen Mathilde since she left Madrid more than a year and half ago. Those were the times when the 'Blondes Club' - Mathilde, Nat and I - (I realize this requires an explanation but it will have to be in another post!) would hang out at each other's houses almost every night, tasting Spanish wines (with the excuse of Mathilde's profession: oenology), French cheese, home-made foie gras, tapas, and of course chatting the night away. Nights which would often finish at 5am with one of us saying the famous: 'I don't think I am gonna go to work tomorrow.'

This weekend is synonym of celebrationS: her 25th birthday, The 'Blondes Club' reencounter, my moving, and who knows what else we'll find as a cause for more celebration. Tchin tchin!

Wish you all a great weekend!


S said...

Dios, quiero tener tu vida, en serio. Lo llevo pensando bastante tiempo y he decidido que sí, que de mayor quiero ser como tú :P.

Por otra parte, soy morena pero... podría ir a alguna de esas veladas???? Una fiesta no es del todo divertida si no hay una oveja negra no? :P jajaja

Besos guapa y pásatelo genial en el cumple ;)

V said...

Jajaja S. Lo tomaré como un cumplido, aunque eso no me impida estar descojonada.

En cuanto a entrar en el club de las rubias, te diré que el color de pelo no tiene nada que ver. Solo tendrás que pasar la prueba que las 3 hemos pasado ;-)

Besos guapa!