Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Simply craquant

I've always had a weakness for Chris Martin. I find him simply 'craquant.' In Spanish, the closest I can find is 'está para comerselo'. He basically makes me melt. And he was especially 'craquant' last night, during the concert Coldplay performed in a completely full Palacio de los Deportes, as he attempted to communicate in Spanish with the audience. He kept repeating the few words and expressions he knew such as '¿Todos contentos?', 'Joder, que bueno!', 'Gracias', 'Madrid es guapo' accentuated by his cute British pronunciation.

The concert was fantastic: the sound was perfect, the song selection couldn't be better, and the energy on stage contagious. Chris kept jumping, running, and performing risky yet funny acrobatic moves, as he sang away his oh so beautiful lyrics. He joked, he laughed, and I melted.

I also laughed and jumped and sang and danced, happy to be there, with my school friend Amélie who's visiting for a few days, and extatic about my resignation and the new phase of my life which is just about to start.


uma b. said...

OMG i am sooo jelous--

V said...

you like him too huh? ;-)

S said...

Como lea esto Gwyneth... :P

uma b. said...

Nah, not really, but i love the band ('s music)

V said...

Jaja S. Gwyneth debe de estar más que acostumbrada!

Glad to hear that uma. I can keep him all for myself ;-)

ibancito said...

Vaya...yo a este no le trago ;)
Pero tranquila, nadie es perfecto... :P