Thursday, November 03, 2005

Forcing changes

M did not get the job. The Swiss company was forced to hire internally by its HQ. The sad part is that the Swiss company would have chosen M if allowed to hire externally. Anyhow, a new hope is gone and frankly, I cannot go on like this. I am falling apart. I believe I have been very strong and patient all these months. But enough is enough. Something needs to change. And as the famous proverb goes 'if the mountain won't come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain', I am gonna have to force changes myself.

I am going to Hannover tomorrow; M and I will talk about our options. I have a pretty good idea of how to hasten changes, but I first have to see if M also sees that as a good option. Coming back to my current job after the Christmas holidays is certainly not an option in my book. More on that next week, when I'm back and know more about it myself!


Anonymous said...

Ich hoffe, ihr findet eine akzeptable Lösung für eure Lage. Man merkt, dass du deinen jetzigen Job nicht mehr leiden kannst. Was ist dann mit Spanien? Würdest du gerne bleiben oder eher woanders leben? Sea como fuere, mucha suerte y buen viaje a Alemania.

uma b. said...

I'm so sorry.
I guess we should all stop expecting things to happen and sort of roll with the punches.

V said...

Anonymous German/Spanish friend: that's correct, I cannot stand my present job and coworkers. My goal being to live with M, I'd like to leave Madrid and Spain. Thanks for your regular visits and kind comments.

Uma b.: rolling with the punches is the only solution left, isn't it? Besos Darling