Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I'm finally done. Done packing it all that is. Tomorrow the storage company will pick it all up, and it will then be time for me to say goodbye to my wonderful appartement and to Madrid. They both sheltered me through the last two and half years, since I first arrived starting a brand new phase of my life. Remembering who I was then makes me realise how many/much things/I have changed. For the better I think. I do leave with plenty of good memories, with old and new friends, wiser and happy, and definitely looking forward to what's expecting me next.

Next post will probably be written from Germany, so till then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


uma b. said...

Where are youuuuu????

(I miss you so)

Anonymous said...

Bueno, V., a ver, ya te vale!!! ;-)) Wo bist du denn? Geht es dir gut?? :-))
Tenemos muchas ganas de tener noticias tuyas...
En fin, espero que te vaya bien y que te estés aclimatando bien.
Bis bald!

S said...

Acabo de leerlo (he estado bastante "ausente" de este mundillo). Quería desearte suerte y saber cómo te va todo??? Espero un post rápido!! jajaja

Muchos besos guapa

V said...

I am sorry, es tut mir Leid, lo siento! I am back at last and trust me, not having Internet for so long was TORTURE! Besos a todos!