Friday, December 16, 2005

More dirty games

As I happened to mention on Monday, I have some issues with my old job. On my last day, the 'finiquito' they showed me stated they owed me nothing, when the reality is that they do owe me vacation days and expenses (a grand total, mind you, of 1400 euros!) So I obviously refused to sign the damn paper and wrote my boss and HR an email demanding it to be corrected and faxed to me by Friday the 16th. That's today. And of course I still have not heard from my boss. I still did not receive any fax.

I am so tired of their dirty games. The funny thing is that I know for a fact that she expects me to come to the office today. She's not so bright you know, does not read very well. Meaning she read my email between the lines and is waiting for me this afternoon to sign the paper, return the mobile phone, and train my replacement for a few hours. But that ain't gonna happen. I am not going and I am keeping the phone until this issue is resolved. Besides, I really don't wanna see her fake face again in my life!

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S said...

De eso nada!! Tú dura!! Sólo faltaba.. nada nada,q tú ya estás fuera de sus juegos sucios, que les den y q te paguen lo que te deben o se las verán conmigo :@ jejejeje

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