Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Roller coaster

I feel like I am on a roller coaster these days. I am surrounded by boxes, some closed, others unfinished and open. I stress out about not being able to finish the packing on time, and minutes later I realize I have plenty of time ahead of me. I worry about how to solve the legal issue of my company not paying me everything they owe me, and then just feel thankful to have left and the hell with them. The fact is I go from happiness and relief, to stress and irritation in a matter of seconds: I love the appartment M chose and rented, but get all frustrated when I see that we can't seem to agree on oh so many things about it.

I am happy about my decision, of that I am sure. I spent a wonderful weekend in Hannover and felt relieved when I saw all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together. I soon forgot about how nightmarishly my trip had started, when the airline made me pay a fortune for 18 kgs excess baggage, after my 'savior' sat next to me in the plane: a very nice Spanish lady, whose daughter followed the same exact path I am about to embark on. She left everything she had in Spain (job, appt, etc.) to move to Hannover and be with the man she loved. Funny coincidence, right? Or maybe not?


S said...

Ánimo neni, es normal que te ocurra eso... estás a punto de realizar un GRAN cambio, los cambios de humor son perfectamente justificables y entendibles :p así q a por ello!!

Y sí es una gran coincidencia. Yo creo q buena porque..¿por qué debería ser mala?? No emparanoiemosss ;)

Besos preciosa :*****

V said...

Hola S. Si que son entendibles pero no obstante son un coñazo ;-) No te preocupes, nada de paranoias, solo que no creo en coincidencias. Las cosas suelen pasar por algo, no crees? Besos guapa!